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About Counselling, Psychotherapy and Jungian Analysis

Carl Jung wrote about individuation as an on-going process of self-discovery. A guiding principle in our work ethic is that each personality goes through transformation in this way. The concept is that people are affected mentally, emotionally, physically, sexually and spiritually by the intricacy of what we know about ourselves is defined and reflected in our relationships with others. I believe that in the same way that change occurs developmentally from infant to child, from teenager to adult, it is possible for similar change to occur in many different parts of ourselves, especially where difficulties have arisen, when they are then thought about in the safe environment of the therapeutic relationship.

I believe that an analytic therapeutic approach offers a real opportunity for people to feel stronger in themselves, and to help equip them with the necessary ‘tools’ to face future challenges and make decisions in their lives, that are based on a more authentic sense of self. This process may take time, and may not be the easiest journey, but I think that this approach will enable the person to develop the capacity to feel more in charge, which in turn will facilitate the desired change.

The past, the present and the future are all significantly important in developing this desired capacity for change. Because I am academically and clinically trained, I offer a strictly confidential, secure and highly professional relationship in a caring and containing environment to facilitate the therapeutic process.

I am experienced in working with people who have past and present difficulties with :

  • Relationships (Personal, Family, Work or Social)
  • Complex and Difficult Family Situations
  • Concern, Worry and Distress
  • Mixed and Conflicting Feelings
  • Depression and Depressive Feelings
  • Anxiety, Conflict and Life Crisis
  • Work Life and Redundancy
  • Stress and Panic Attacks
  • Anger and Rage
  • General Sadness and Dissapointment
  • Loss, Grief, Mourning and Bereavement
  • Abuse, Violence and Traumatic Experience
  • Sexual Orientation, Sexuality, Identity
  • Obsessional or Compulsive feelings
  • Self and difficult Family experience
  • Cultural and Religious complexities
  • Lack of Confidence and Low Self-Esteem
  • Personlaity Disorders
  • Issues with Self-Image

    "If we could see the miracle of a single flower clearly, our whole life would change"

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